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San Day

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"San Day"

The Grade 5 children have been learning about the San and the Khoikhoi communities in Social Sciences this term.  As part of their learning experience we held a San day at school.

The children dressed in clothes similar in colour and style to the clothes the San would have worn. Some children even brought their own bows and arrows from home along with Calabashes and ostrich eggs.

We listened to a folk tale 'around the fire', while the children munched on  an 'padkos' such as; biltong, nuts, berries and fruit. We re-enacted the day in a life of the San and explored the complexities of hunting and gathering; such as how do you carry an animal home...

The children experimented with rock art. They used natural resources that they found on school grounds as paint brushes to paint their hunting and gathering scenes.

The day has left a lasting impression upon the children. Thank you to the parents who got behind the idea and supported their children whole heartedly in this experience.
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