Rhino Day

In celebration of World Rhino Day on 22nd September some of the classes in our school completed beautiful ‘Rhino Art’. We also held a rhino ‘shout out’. For this, the children were asked to bring percussion instruments from
home, preferably recycled handmade ones, and just before break all the children and teachers gathered on the school field to make some noise!!! The kids sang, shouted and played their instruments for the first couple of minutes. After that some of the grade 7 girls led them in a warcry – the grade 7s shouted out one line of words and then the school repeated the line. One of our grade 7 girls, Sharon Adejimi wrote the warcry below –

We’re done with the violence, we’re done with the poachers!
We’re done with the poachers thinking they’re the owners!
So put your feet down!
Cause this is our town!
Jump up!
Do one hop!
Our rhinos are in need!
And we will take the lead!
And then she turned to the grade 7s and led the following warcry –
Give me an R
(other children responded R you got your R you got your R…etc for each letter)
Give me an H
Give me an I
Give me a N
Give me an O
What does that spell?
(Response – RHINO)
I can’t hear you!
(Louder response – RHINO)
SAVE OUR RHINOS! (altogether)

Well done and thank you to our children and staff for being so supportive and enthusiastic!